EmoticonMar 1st

A little update

It's been a while... updated a few sections ofthe website as well as the Tumblr thing. I'm planning to do more, especially publish some (hopefully helpful) articles. I've been very busy recently though. Ordered some more paints for testing and Daylight lamp (Ra > 90) for night working.

Stay tuned for more!

EmoticonOct 21st

Here we go

After over a 2 year spent by struggling with the webdesign, I'm finally launching my website. I promised myself to launch the website on the day of my birthday which is tomorrow, October 22nd and so be it. Instead, sadly, I decided to launch it in memory of my beloved grandma who passed away a week ago. Will miss you, wherever you are. :( <3

I was unable to do much since (I guess you know how it goes, it's just still so fresh...) and I'm launching this site quite empty, with just a few recent artworks in the gallery. But maybe I'll keep it this way, after all you'll find more artworks in the galleries you see in the footer. However I'm planning to add a thing or two in the future. Also, as English isn't my native language, please excuse some possible gramatical errors and typos.

Thank you!


Nothing here but spiders!

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